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Improving Handgun Accuracy

Posted by on Nov 1, 2015

If you find yourself not as proficient with your handgun as you thought you were, no worries, there are a few ways in which you can improve your handgun accuracy. These include the Wall Drill, Balance Drill and Dry shooting. By doing these simple drills, you will find yourself using your handgun with more accuracy and proficiency.

The Wall Drill

The way you do this is quite simple. With an unloaded gun, go to your area of practice with no ammunition and take your normal firing grip on your gun with your trigger finger, in a safe place of course, off of the trigger and higher up on the side frame of the gun. You are then going to want to extend your arms out with the gun pointed towards the wall ending the muzzle 1” away from it. Line up the sights and concentrate only on the front sight through your rear sight. The trigger must also be presses straight to the rear without moving the rest of the gun and messing up the sight picture. Every time you perform this drill you are learning to concentrate on the front sight through the rear sight, pressing the trigger to the rear without moving the rest of the gun and disturbing your alignment with the sight, placing your finger on the trigger while the firearm is on the target and taking your finger off of the trigger when the gun is not on target, placing your trigger finger high on the frame and away from your trigger when not on target, re-establishing your grip, and concentrating on the front sight through the rear and not looking at your target where your shot went.

The Balance Drill

You are going to want to balance a shell casing or coil on the front sight and establish your grip and extend to dry fire. You are going to want to follow the same procedure as you did with the wall drill. With some guns, this drill cannot be done because it is impossible to balance anything on the sight. If this is a problem, forget the drill, if not, keep reading. If you have pressed the trigger the correct way, the casing or coin will remain on the sight because the gun did not move. If it does fall, this means that you moved the gun as you pressed the trigger. Also, make sure you follow through after the “click”. Take the casing or coin off of the gun to reset the trigger then try again.

Dry Shooting

Dry shooting is essentially shooting without anything inside of the gun, or shooting with plastic bullets to get the real effect of shooting real bullets. Find a spot or a target on a nearby wall, line up your sights on the target, and slowly squeeze the trigger with your trigger finger. This drill is meant to teach you how to focus on your front sight and this will in turn help you to develop your marksmanship skills. One you rely on your front sight and learning how to properly cycle your trigger is what allows you to keep all of your shots that you fired, on the target.

With these three hints and tips, you will greatly improve your accuracy and proficiency with your handgun. Make sure you are following all of the safety precautions, even if you are just dry shooting and your gun is empty.