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Gun Control: Myths You Must Know About

Posted by on Apr 2, 2015


First Myth: Guns are used for killing only.

It’s a proven fact that deaths due to gunshots are happening every year. There are good Americans who only use guns for protection, especially if they are living with their families. Furthermore, they believe that guns save lives more than they cause accidents.

Second Myth: It is dangerous even when used for protection.

gun2The bureau of statistics show how safe guns are and how effective they have been whenever used as means of self defense. Substantially, when guns are used for protection, it rarely results in injuries. Scientific data and examination were analyzed to probe the danger of opting to own a gun.

Third Myth: Gun violence has been so epidemic.

guns3Many of the people strongly acclaims that gun violence happens. However, there are remarkable incidents that you must consider. The FBI has been on its feet in the investigation of the matter. For decades, the rates for homicides have been declining and are positively stable, except for places where young adults are involved in doing drug trafficking. It has been concluded from actual causes that violence have originated from disruption in families, media and poverty rather than mere ownership. Some inner cities have crimes due to severe poverty and it has unfortunately become a career choice rather than seeking decent opportunities.

Fourth Myth: Owning a gun greatly increases homicide.

guns4It has been over twenty years (20 years) that teens are illegally buying guns and even when there is gun control, the homicide rates seem to vary. They have considered the easy purchase of guns in Virginia a mystery. The murder rates have declined and apparently, gunshots are not the culprits. Accidents caused by gunshots have been drastically declining. When it comes to suicide rates, the gun bans have worked their craft. Owning a gun does not necessarily mean that homicide may follow after.

Fifth Myth: The fallacy of family and friends.

guns5It’s not logical to think that your family and friends are killing each other due to the sole reason that a gun is present in their household. This scenario has been commonly believed by the advocates of public health. Moreover, they think that most shootings are initiated by family and friends rather than caused by accidents. The literature from the medical field theorized that people who pull the trigger in murders once were law abiding citizens.

Although there are a variety of myths on gun control, it takes thorough probing to determine whether or not it’s true. People have different priorities and perspectives. Most gun owners nowadays choose to own a gun for safety purposes and never would they want to harm or cause accidents. Owning a gun can strengthen your safety and add to your self defense.   Furthermore, because of the gun control existing in different places, it ensures your limitations in using guns. Truly, there is a risk in owning one but having one would give you peace of mind.